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52% of new Conservative women MPs were helped by CWO Development - will you be one next time?

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Have you been inspired by the General Election to stand for public office? The next election may be 5 years away but the Conservative Party still need excellent candidates to stand for other elections in the next few years, including:

  • London, Welsh and Scottish Assemblies
  • Councils - both at local and County level
  • European Parliament

We organise a programme of affordable, professional workshops designed to help individuals with both their personal and political development.

Please register your interest below, however, please note that participation in CWO Development programmes is only available to members of the Conservative Party.

If you are not a member of the party then you can join here.

"Having made the decision to apply for the candidate list I knew I needed to prepare in advance of the interview. Attending one of the CWO workshops was a practical solution. The training was well thought through; with media training, marketing, mock selection practice all included. But an additional bonus, was meeting other women at different stages of the candidate process and listening to their advice.

"A few weeks later I attended the interview and felt much better prepared as a result of the training. Now that I am on the list, I am already looking to future CWO development courses to supplement my skill set. Ultimately, CWO development courses offer practical advice and training, so that when it counts you know you can rely on training and practise, to be the best you can be."

Natasha Moore

"Finding the CWO was the best thing I've done in my recent journey along the political pathway. The courses are great, and the advice is invaluable. But more than that the CWO gives you the essential knowledge that you are not alone, either in your political views (a common sensation in my part of inner London) or indeed as the only woman on the block.

"Since I've been exposed to the training and support offered by CWO I've been elected at local council level against the rising tide of inner London Labour voting in 2014, and got through the PAB.

"Now I'm searching for a seat I know that I can rely on the CWO team for more support. I'll be back!"

Jane Lyons

As an aspiring candidate, who has only more recently become involved in politics, I found the CWO Development workshops hugely helpful. I attended three out of the four courses on offer and got a huge amount out of each training day. Not only were the workshops informative and extremely practical but they were also a great way to network and meet other future candidates. The courses covered everything from campaign communications to setting up your website and social media presence.

It was quite terrifying doing the first round of mock selection questions but, after a few times, answering questions on every area of policy from the economy to the NHS health reforms on the spot it just showed that practice makes all the difference. I particularly valued the media training with a mock radio interview and Question Time style panel. Other useful tips including information on compliance, filling out your application forms and how to fundraise for your campaign. Anyone who is even thinking about running as a Councillor, MP or MEP should attend one of the CWO's excellent courses.

Theodora Clarke

Liz St.Clair
CWO Director of Development

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