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Anne is a proven Conservative activist and a former councillor both for South Buckinghamshire District and Beaconsfield. Her position on the Plans Panel for South Bucks gave her great insight into the often conflicting demands for development, the need for affordable housing, the Labour-led housing quotas and the need to preserve the Green Belt.

Anne was born and brought up in Cardiff, South Wales and her late father George, was a blue collar worker who believed hard work and education was the way to self betterment. Educated in the local comprehensive school, Anne graduated with an Honours degree from Swansea University where she met her late husband Stephen.

After a postgraduate degree in Education from Sheffield University, Anne taught English and Drama at an inner London Comprehensive school. Anne and Stephen married in 1978 and had three children, Nick, Claire and Jennifer, before Stephen sadly died of cancer at the age of 34. Anne has experience of being a carer, homemaker, and single parent with a young family. She feels she can empathise with many of the challenges facing her constituents in their lives.

Now happily remarried to Andrew, an IT director, they have a young son Alexander. Anne devotes much time and energy to public service, council duties, and political fund raising. She is a trustee for a charity, collects for the Red Cross and supports four other charities.

Even with four children living at home, Anne finds time to garden enthusiastically, attempt DIY, and exercise her interest in cookery, antiques and art. Anne is an animal lover with two cats and a Jack Russell dog, Pip, who ensures Anne takes long walks in the countryside she is so keen to protect.

Working for St Albans

As former chair of a neighbouring planning committee, Anne is only too aware of the intense pressure from this Government to build on our green belt and to cram our towns. Anne is opposing the unreasonable housing quotas that are being forced on Hertfordshire by this Government. These arbitrary housing quotas are leading to unacceptable cramming and congestion in St Albans; they strain the local infrastructure and pose a direct threat to our Green Belt. This town cramming has a huge knock on effect on local health and education provision The recent Barker report seeks wealth re-distribution through the planning system; this is a very worrying development that will have enormous implications in St Albans.

Anne serves on the St Albans litter steering committee and fully supports moves to create a tidier environment in St Albans- she would like to see greater emphasis within the education system to encourage young people to have pride in their environment and she believes we need to establish a joined up approach to the delivery of refuse and litter rather than the piecemeal responsibility chain we have currently.

She has concerns about the recruitment and more importantly the retention of experienced police officers in Hertfordshire. She is pushing for measures to be put in place that will stop poaching by neighbouring authorities and encourage local police officers to stay and build up strong links with their local community.

She has been keen to involve herself with as many parts of the local community as possible. She is working as part of a committee creating a Parish Plan for Colney Heath to help create a more vibrant village community. She has also been forging strong links with the local Bangladeshi community to help them in their quest for community facilities.

Anne has been actively supporting residents in Bricket Wood in their quest for less noise and air pollution and have been using a noise meter to monitor the problem. She is pushing for lorries to be rerouted out of Park Street and have successfully lobbied for money for road repairs to Park Street lane.

She has visited various local schools to engage young people in debate and hopefully encourage them to take part in voting at local elections. She has opposed the Government's higher education bill that seeks to introduce "Top Up Fees" as she believes this will deter some pupils from courses they wish to follow and more importantly does nothing to address the chronic skills shortage we experience in St Albans. The Government's "one size fits all" approach to education will do our young people a disservice and mire many in crippling debt.


Anne was elected in 1999 as a Town Councillor for Beaconsfield. She fought a District by-election in 2001 and was elected as a District Councillor, ousting the Liberal Democrats with a 33% swing.

Co-opted onto the Southern Region Conservative Women's' executive in 2001, Anne is keen to further their aims to promote women into public life, and served as Editor until her election to Parliament in May 2005. A tireless fund-raiser and activist Anne was Deputy Branch Chairman for Beaconsfield with responsibilities for Membership and Fund Raising where she worked particularly hard to attract younger members and re-engage people with politics.

Anne & the CWO

Anne has worked with the CWO …

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